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Christ Lutheran Church is pleased to offer a new service to make your giving / weekly offering easier. We have selected a proven and reliable partner in Vanco Payment Solutions, a company endorsed by Thrivent - a Lutheran-rooted financial organization with whom CLC has had a long-standing relationship. These long-awaited new services offer CLC's members and contributors both convenience and security through state-of-the-art technology designed primarily for churches and non-profits to utilize effectively and economically.

You are encouraged to click the link below, and create a personalized account, if you have considered converting to electronic means to automatically manage and schedule any of the following...

  • Set-up and manage your weekly or monthly offering through automatic withdraw.
  • Make special contributions / allocations. (i.e. organ fund, ASAPH Ministry, etc.)
  • Review and track your giving history online.

A permanent link for this service now appears in the top header section of our website. Both that link as well as the link featured below will open in a new window. These new online tools are NOT hosted on the same servers as the CLC Dallastown website, but instead link you to a far more secure environment for registering your personal information and authorizing payments. All who are interested are encouraged to give it a try, and share feedback with CLC staff and council. It truly is safe, convenient, and easy to set-up, so simply click the link below to...


Register / Log In to your CLC Automatic Giving Account...